Practice U: For You!


Yoga can be simple because it’s simply practical.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inspired to balance the properties of art, math and movement—spatial relevance. For 10 years, I’ve included that ideal into my yoga teaching and enjoy breaking things down to foster the student experience with the elements of yoga —not only as physical postures that offer biological benefit, but as a means for students to realize their personal strengths and to value their own efforts.

My Daily Lessons were created in the form of digital postcards and part of a larger initiative called Practice U: Basic Yoga Practice Guide. This guide is a beginner’s handbook intended for anyone who wants to practice yoga to begin or begin— again, and to move deeper into a personal experience and discovery for themselves prompting focus, thoughtfulness, awareness and light movement. It’s soon to be available in a downloadable app!

You can do it. Practice U for you!