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Greetings from my practice vacation...

I like to think of my yoga practice like a min-vacation and break from my day. This respite can offer some space to not only show us who we are, but yoga practice inspires, motivates and heals. When we show up on our own behalf, we allow the practice to do what it’s meant to. Practice calls us to work, reveal, rest and celebrate who we truly are while strengthening our bodies, hearts and minds.

I've created my Basic Yoga Guide: Postcards as a daily practice and
part of a larger guide called Practice U, that is soon to be available in a downloadable app! Overall, my guide is intended to help beginners and anyone who practices yoga to begin again, and to move deeper into a personal experience of yoga and discovery for themselves. Daily postcards prompt focus, thoughtfulness, awareness and light movement. Just get started. You can do it. Practice U!