Here are some books that provide insight, ideas, support and comfort for us to apply in our daily lives. I would highly recommend your packing any of these favorites to take on any respite, trip, vacation or stay-cation holiday!
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 @ my healing couch, Brooklyn, NY

@ my healing couch, Brooklyn, NY


These are near & dear to my heart in their support of yoga, art and learning for the underserved.

Donors Choose ( supports teachers by matching their equipment and supply requests to donors who pick and decide on which projects they will fund.

Bent on Learning  (BOL) puts yoga in New York City public schools. With the benefit of yoga teachers, students learn yoga and its benefits towards exercise, focus & stress management.

Yoga 4 Cancer (y4c) offers yoga classes that are designed specifically to address the side effects from various cancer treatments and empower survivors to reconnect to their bodies.