Resist Feeling Hijacked By the Pace of the World



“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.” 

It seems to me that we’ve become hijacked by the pace of the world, the personal lists of things to do, and the appointments to make, along with the stuff that we are supposed to accomplish and be. We’re literally bouncing around inside and out! What are the effects of that? And, what is the point?

When we feel less in control and more exhausted, overwhelmed and pushed into a corner, we may unintentionally lash out in some way that surprises even ourselves. We’re short, angry, hurt or feeling threatened and the need to defend oneself rises up, and we wrong someone. When we experience and recognize those least pleasant expressions of who we are, realize that they create opportunities for us to remember that our responses are a part of what makes us human… indeed. We are exactly as we were made, flawed, imperfect and holding onto the unexpressed pains that we’re carrying. What’s more important is that we’re capable of apology, compassion, growth and forgiveness.

While we expect that forgiving someone else might be a consideration at some point, what about the forgiveness of self? Can we, have we, are we ready to look ourselves in the face and forgive us for all that we’ve not been able to do, or to become? Do we remember that when we make mistakes, we’re blessed with the opportunity to learn about who we are, what we feel, where we went wrong and how to do better next time. Humility is a virtue of which we ought not lose sight. If we are unable to sit with ourselves before, during and after any action, we become estranged with our truth and cannot make proper choices to fit our needs.

From various perspectives, sitting with oneself is a skill set that is worth developing. Stillness and focus teaches us to slow down, to take a breath and not move when we think to do so, but with the power instead to move as we need to. What are our needs? Can we be still enough to get a feel for what those needs are? Just sitting still and breathing deeply for a few minutes a day, before a tough conversation or decision can make a big difference.

I sometimes talk about the spinning and whipping of energy that is around us. In these times, especially it continues to sweep us all up into more and more of it. And while the winds of change always come through, we are not always meant to blow away with them. Take a breath. Hold your seat. and find your center. Notice the space, then be grateful for what you discover as a result of it.

Teri Gandy-Richardson